Our commitment to the Environment and green attitude

We are a global organic company conscious of the environment we live in, taking nature to the next level and recognizing a shift of perspective when we connect with the natural ecosystem. Our love for protecting the environment, using plant based products, adapting a green beauty lifestyle have allowed us to create products that are environmentally friendly and ethical. Also, consumers in particular women have become more conscious in reading product labels and what they put on their skin. We use biodegradable packaging with a less is more approach.

Our vision

To impact, inspire and enlighten people to be in harmony with themselves.

Our Mission

Using a holistic approach to educate and inspire across the globe one person at a time transform into their best version ever: to be confident, happier, healthier and let their inner self shine.

Behind The Brand

The Founder, Zalina Wälchli started mixing formulas from a very young age on the sunny tropical shores of Trinidad. Her exposure to exotic plants and spices made her onward journey from New York to Switzerland inspiring. Zalina`s passion for all things natural, healthy, green lifestyle enabled her to explore the pristine Swiss Alps, nature trails and experiment with abundant nature`s exquisite flowers and herbs to create amazing skin care formulas that are effective, powerful, self loving and nourishing.