15 Shades of Organic Green Beauty

If you happen to be even remotely interested in how to stay beautiful forever, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon the concept of “clean beauty” by now.  

It has become a hot new trend as more and more big time beauty companies choose to “go green” and in this context – green actually means clean, or to be more precise – organic and not tarnished with too much processing or too many chemical interventions. And that is what counts the most amidst the unprecedented pollution threat that we face daily, especially in big cities or industrial areas.  

Now that everything is suspicious and it’s hard to trust a product on the money-driven markets of today, it’s no wonder we are turning back to the ancient, almost forgotten recipes made of simple ingredients, that our grandmothers used to prepare before the monster of mass production took to the stage and conquered our global village.

And so the timeless concept of beauty and care was reborn, as a logical human reaction to the path that seemed already set out for us, leading further and further away from the nature. The need to return to nature is precisely what coloured the entire concept and there are many shades of green to explore when it comes to fully understanding this unique approach to finding – and keeping! – your own special brand of beauty, both on the inside and on the outside.

Even though this has been a topic in the mainstream media for quite a while now, many people are still confused about the whole green beauty movement. Yes, it’s safe to say it’s become a movement by now as more and more women are embracing the postulates of the fresh & improved outlook on beauty and self-care.

To sum up what the whole concept is all about, we have listed the crucial features of the green/clean beauty philosophy below, as a little reminder to hold on to when deciding on your next beauty routine.

The list is random, but the lines are spot on!


1. Natural beauty first!

2. Zero tolerance for artificial ingredients!

3. Hand-made products are back and you can learn how to make your own body lotion if you want.

4. Hand-picked ingredients do make a difference when it comes to quality guarantees.

5. Individual approach leads to wiser beauty decisions and better targeting of specific personal cosmetic issues.

6. Equal attention is paid to external and to internal beauty.

7. Holistic view of personal beauty expression means more choices for more people.

8. Tailor-made solutions are possible as nature becomes your pharmacy and your beautician.

9. Aging is a natural process and ultimately a gift of nature.

10. Caring for the environment plays a big part in the overall sense of well-being.

11. Your bathroom can be your spa centre!

12. There are different ways to care for yourself, so never stop exploring new paths!

13. Nature will provide you with everything you need to take care of your body & soul.

14. Reduce the number of products you use = downsize the waste, the planet will thank you and so will your skin!

15. Learn to love the whole of you!

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Special thanks to Mikaela – Swiss Fitness Champion

Photo credits: Udo Sollberger

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